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GUIDELINES April 30th, 2011

  • We reserve the right to remove any offensive material.
  • Everyone will be expected to donate one item for our free Door Prizes/Raffle.
  • No re-selling of store bought items.

  • Booth space is 10’ x 10’ and is filled on a first come, first serve basis. Also available is 5 x 10 spaces, for setting up a display with catalogs, flyers, business cards or to simply hand out info.
  • The Venue is “The Life Center at Southport” located at 4002 E. Southport Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46237
  • Registrations: First Come Basis
  • All registrations must be post marked no later than March 31st, 2011 to receive the discounted booth rate.
  • Make checks payable to Dollie Shelton. No refunds unless your application is rejected.
  • Register by Mail, With a Check or Money Order to: Dollie Shelton 3617 Margaret Ave Indianapolis, IN 46203
  • Register via Email and Paypal to: darling.designs@live.com

  • Please help by advertising our sell to Everyone you know!
  • EVERYONE needs to do their part in spreading the word. Flyers can easily be found on the website.
  • We will be advertising in a wide array of avenues. Newspapers, flyers, websites, etc.
  • Free Parking
  • Fair Times will be from 10a-4p
Set Up

  • Set up is between 8am – 9:45am. There is no setup Before 8am. All set up needs to be completed by 9:45am. There is NO Late set up.
  • PARKING!!!! ALL VENDORS ARE TO HAVE THEIR VEHICLES MOVED FROM THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE BUILDING BY 9:45AM!! This means you may park in this area to unload and load your items, BUT under no circumstances are vendor vehicles to be parked on the entire south side of the building (where the front doors to the building are located)  from the times of 9:45 – 4pm. NO EXCEPTIONS! Those spots need to be available to the customers! Heard several complaints about this being a problem!
There is vendor parking available on the east side of the building.

  • All vendors and crafters will remain set up until Closing time.
  • All Exhibitors are responsible for their own set up and tear down.
  • I will provide up to 1 table (8’) and 2 chairs for each booth space. Up to the first 40 registered vendors that request a table.
  • All tables are to be covered; No boxes showing under the tables.
  • Vendors are responsible for bringing their own extension cords.
For More Information, Contact


Chris & Dollie Shelton

3617 Margaret Ave Indianapolis, IN 46203

(317) 602-8769   or     Email:  Darling.Designs@live.com

Darling Designs
3rd Semi-Annual Craft Fair
Booth Space Registration Form
Saturday, April 30th


Name:________________________________Name of Business:_________________________________


Phone Number:  (____)__________________Type of Business:    Handmade items    /     Home bases business


Email:________________________________  Website:________________________________________


Will you need Electricity? (Very Limited – First Come, First Served)  _____ YES                             NO

Will you need the use of a Table?  ________YES   ________NO (First 40 vendors only)


Register BEFORE MARCH 31st

5’wide x 10’ deep space is $15 (non- electric)                      # needed _______ x 15.00 = _________

10x10 Space is $25 for a Non-Electric Booth Space            # needed________ x 25.00 = _________

10x10 Space is $35 for Booth Space with Electricity           # needed _______ x 35.00 = _________


Register AFTER MARCH 31st

5’wide x 10’ deep space is $20 (non-electric)                       # needed ________ x 20.00 = ________

Space is $30 for a Non-Electric Booth Space                          # needed ________x 30.00 = ________

Space is $40 for Booth Space with Electricity                        # needed ________x 40.00 = ________




How did you hear about this fair? ___________________________________________________________


I am interested in being involved in the planning and brainstorming for this event.  _____YES   _____NO



The Venue is, “The Life Center at Southport”, Located at 4002 E. Southport Rd.  Indianapolis, Indiana 46237


Register by Mail, With a Check or Money Order to: Dollie Shelton 3617 Margaret Ave Indianapolis, IN 46203

Register by Email, with paypal.  Darling.designs@live.com




I have read, understand and agree to the Guidelines.


Signature:______________________________________________ Date ______________________